The weather has been GORGEOUS here for about the last week. I can definitely say that I am getting fall fever! I can’t wait for brisk mornings and nights and perfect temps and sunshine during the day…can you tell it’s my favorite season ever? And no, not just because of pumpkin flavored everything, but yes, it is a perk of the fall season I will admit.

Because it has been so nice out, we were excited to get the dogs back to the dog park while it wasn’t raining or above 90 degrees for once this summer, and boy were they excited too…so excited they both decided that it was going to be a pool day visit (and a bath later, but they didn’t know that 😉 ).

While Oliver barely got his legs wet, Goldie ran right in. If you follow me on Instagram, I posted a few videos on my insta-story. They really had so much fun.

I love watching Oliver grow, and learn about everything around him. He is so happy just being around Abe and I and our family, and seeing him run around and have fun makes it so much better. I mean, look at that genuine smile. 🙂

With me still working from home, we’ve been able to spend more time than normal on meal prepping, especially for Abe since he works so many hours during the week.

When we were both working full-time, it was hard for either of us to meal prep for the entire week for one person, let alone for the both of us. So I’m excited that we’ve been able to do it a lot more! For now, we stick to grocery shopping at our local Kroger and Giant Eagle stores.

BUT have you guys heard the Whole Foods is going to be cutting their prices? I’m so excited, we may actually be able to get some of our favorite things for an acceptable price! We also just figured out that we have a Trader Joe’s near us, so we are excited to do a little shopping there soon as well! Maybe I’ll make a special post, since it’ll be our first time there? We’ve heard such great things!

For this week, we got the best deal at Giant Eagle, they had 5 packs of any meat of your choosing for $20. So we bought two things of chicken tenderloins.

Many of you may have read that we attended the Pemberville Free Fair and Parade, if not you can read it HERE! This is where we got our delicious BBQ sauces from our small town general store, Beekers. Abe decided on Apple Butter BBQ Sauce, and Zesty Peach BBQ Sauce—they were both a hit with him, score!

So to cook the chicken tenderloins, I divided them up evenly between the 3 sauces that we had to use. I used Tupperware containers to let them soak in the BBQ sauce for about a half hour while I got everything else ready as well. When I was ready to get them in the oven, I pulled out the foil and made 3 different foil packs for each BBQ chicken (of course I sprayed with some olive oil), and let them bake in 400 degrees for 55 minutes—perfect time I’m telling you!

With the potatoes, we’ve made “grill pockets” for years, so this was not anything out of the ordinary for this dinner. With a large sheet of foil that was sprayed with non-stick olive oil, I then layered in the diced potatoes, green bell pepper, and diced onion. Before placing in the oven, I drizzled a little olive oil over the top of the potatoes, along with a dash of salt and pepper. When I make these individually, Abe usually seasons his also with Cayenne pepper as he likes to make most of his food spicy…men. 😉

For the vegetables, I love getting fresh produce or frozen vegetables that aren’t soaked in preservatives. We used the steam fresh bags of kernel corn and green beans form Kroger, which makes meal prepping super easy for us. All you do is place the bag in the microwave for 7-8 minutes, and you’ve got perfect veggies ready to go!

Once everything was done and ready to be prepped for the week, I made sure to label the tops of the containers so Abe knew exactly what kind he was grabbing for the day, which ended up making it easier when packing for the week, and even when we decided to eat the leftover portions for dinner throughout the week.

I’m hoping to share more meal prepping with you guys soon, I’m always on Pinterest looking for more ideas and inspiration. I’m also thinking about eating strictly on the Low FODMAP diet, as it seems that is the best for what I’m going through health wise. If any of you have been or are on this lifestyle diet, let me know how you were able to make the transition!

Questions for you:

  1. What is your favorite prepped dishes?
  2. Do you meal prep during the week or on the weekend?
  3. Do you prefer spicy or traditional foods?