Yes, I know, I’m a day late. But I’m sure my sister will understand. Happy National Sister’s Day! (August 6th) 🙂 Anyone who has had the pleasure of growing up with a sister knows that it’s one of the best things that has ever happened to you. Not only is she your sister, but she’s your best friend, and your confidant. I don’t know about you, but I don’t have too many memories that do not include my sister and I am very happy about that.

Being the big sister taught me a lot. It taught me responsibility. It taught me how to laugh. It taught me that I am capable of loving someone more than myself. And it taught me that I will always have someone that I will fight for, till the end. So for that, I came up with 15 reasons why your little sister is the absolute best part of your life.

I love you, Savannah! 

1. She is your best friend till the end

Having a little sister means that you have a best friend for life. Yes, just like any friends you can annoy each other, and get on each other’s nerves, but you always come back to one another no matter what. She’s the person that you feel comfortable telling EVERYTHING and ANYTHING to, and vice versa. She’s your Maid of Honor in your wedding, your shoulder to cry on, and the first person you want to call when something amazing happens. And she always will be.

2. You are almost too daringly goofy with each other

Everyone with a sister will understand this one (I hope..). Having a sister is the best when you do embarrassing and goofy things because there’s no judgement! You will always have someone that will follow along and join in your dance parties, car karaoke sessions, and crazy nights. Oh and did I mention inside jokes? Those are the best. (ours includes berries, for anyone that was wondering haha).

3. She isn’t afraid to tell you like it is

Just like a best friend should, your little sister isn’t afraid to give you some harsh advice every now and again. Yes, you may be the big sister, but that doesn’t mean that you haven’t made a bad judgement call at times. She’s also notorious for never letting you step foot outside your doorstep without looking half decent for wherever you may be going. Thanks for that one, sis. You’re the real MVP.

4. She knows you better than anyone else in the world

Yes, you may be married, and have lots of friends, and a big family…but NO ONE knows you better than your little sister. You grew up together, and most likely know everything about each other. What do you like to eat for breakfast? What’s your favorite color nail polish? She knows you would NEVER wear that ugly sweater again. It’s like having your own human journal—she remembers everything!

5. You miss her terribly when she’s gone

Yes, I know, you will both grow up, or move away. But this doesn’t make it any easier when your sister is gone. Thinking back to all the times you were out with friends, when you could’ve been at home or out doing things with your sister makes you want her to come back even more. But you know that she is doing what is best for her, and you will always support her in whatever she wants to do in life. (I miss you sis!)

6. She’s someone to grow old with and learn from

Since she was little, you’ve enjoyed helping her grow and learn new things. Yet did you know that she would help you do the same as she got older. It’s funny how your little sister can sometimes make more sense of a topic or question that you might to yourself. Just think of the number of things that you both will get to enjoy as you grow older! Although, you’re never too old for a good ole spa and movie night.

7. You’re a team

That’s right. You’re A-1 from Day 1. No matter what it is you both are a team. You support each other in everything, and often have a lot of the same goals and aspirations (or at least want each other to go after them!) If you’re lucky enough to have a little sister, you’ll always have the best partner on your team.

8. You always have someone to share with

Now, “share” might not be the best word. If your little sister is like mine, she LOVES to say that I “share” my clothes and shoes with her… while that might not be the entire truth, I wouldn’t want it to be anyone else. As you grow with each other, your tastes may change, but you’ll always have time to share things, thoughts, and memories with them. How cool is that?

9. She’s the first to hear your “new found wisdom”

I’m sure my sister could attest to this. You have a GREAT idea that will make you TONS of money, who’s the first person you call? Little sis. Or you just learned something really special at church today? You should probably call your sister to let them know what you learned first. As big sisters, we LOVE to share our “wisdom” with our little sisters as much as we can.

10. Your friends love her

Yes, yes and YES. How many times have I heard from my friends over the years that they just LOVEEE my sister. Of course they do, I do too! You’ll be lucky enough to be able to include her in a lot of your activities with friends, and your friends won’t mind! Actually, they may request her presence, which is even more awesome!

11. It is impossible to stay angry with her

If this isn’t the truth I don’t know what is. You will get in arguments with your little sister, no doubt. Whether it’s over who ate the last of mom’s mac and cheese, or why you think she’s wrong for doing something, it’s inevitable when you’re so close to someone. Good thing is, it doesn’t last long. You two have a bond that is irreplaceable, and you won’t be able to go without each other for long. She’s your person, and she will always be there no matter how mad or frustrated you may get, just remember that.

12. She’s a style icon

Your sister was lucky enough to not have to go through the early 90’s awful kids fashion crazes: Oh the velvet. Velvet dresses, pants- everything! Or how about the all around popular “bowl cut?” Ugh. Because you were there to keep her from making those awful mistakes in the fashion world, she has been able to grow up with a way better sense of fashion that you had the chance to. As she gets older, you begin to look at her for fashion and style advice, and she will enjoy helping you!

13. She never forgets about you

She may be getting older, and has a way busier social life than you-but don’t fear that she will ever forget about you. She will always make time to reply to your text, FaceTime you whenever she can, or call just to talk to you. You both may get busy at times, but you will always find time for each other no matter what.

14. She listens to you

This is a really important one guys. You’re having a bad day, a bad week, bad year. Guess who will ALWAYS listen to you and really try to help you come up with a solution? Your little sister. Do you have a big decision to make? Or just have a bad break up? You know your little sister is always going to be there to just sit and listen and help you get through the next step in your life. She’s awesome.

15. Watching her grow up is emotional

As I sit here writing this, I can’t help but think of all the fun times we had as little kiddos. Making random videos, learning the newest Disney Channel dances, and having makeup nights. It definitely will make you miss those things, but you have to realize that you’ll always have something that you both will enjoy and will be able to add this your collection of memories with your sister. She may not be that baby that you enjoyed helping get dressed anymore, but she will always surprise you. And we will always love you as big sisters.

Again, I love you Savannah! Happy National Sister’s Day! Muah.