Good Morning everyone!

Last time I posted about our wedding updates was earlier this year, and some things have changed just a little bit- but for the better none the least. We had originally planned our wedding to be on my birthday this year (September 30th), but because of my unforeseen health issues and continuing to operate on only one income, we decided it was best for us that we move out the date a little bit, so now we are planning our wedding for June 2nd, 2018 and I honestly can’t wait.

That date will forever be something special to me as well, it’s my grandmother’s birthday. I so wish that she could be here today; to meet Abe, to see all the wedding planning happening, but I know that having our wedding on such a special day will ensure that her presence is there for us. (Love you grandma!)

As I may have mentioned before we are going for classy, yet cozy. So I decided to go with a garden theme as I have always loved flowers and incorporating light, calming colors. We did not change our colors, so we are still going with olive green, blush, and navy blue as our main colors, with hints of white/cream and rose gold/copper.

I absolutely love the delicateness that these colors bring to the decor of a wedding. When I was a teen, I used to think I wanted this big country wedding with cowboy boots and plaid, but it turns out our tastes change throughout the years, and I’m really happy with the direction we chose for our own wedding.

So, this is where my mom and I did not see eye to eye, but as much as I want a classic, traditional feel at my wedding, I also love mixing in some creativity. I love that each bride can have their own look, own dress that makes them feel the best about themselves instead of having everyone in the same dress. I also made sure that each of my bridesmaids purchased a dress that was within their budget. I’ve been a bridesmaid that had to purchase a dress outside of what I could afford, so I definitely didn’t want to burden any of my bridesmaids in that way. I’m happy to say everyone has their dresses and I’m really excited with how our bridal party is going to look! 🙂

With this being more of a “garden” feel, I definitely want to incorporate flowers wherever I can. I really loved this pin when I saw it on Pinterest. I would love to do something very simple like this for my own hair the day of the wedding, and adding in some flowers just like this. Very simple yet very distinct.

For the guys we decided to do something that wasn’t the normal black tux. We opted for navy blue tuxes with olive green ties to bring in the other colors we wanted for our day. I love that we chose the blue, as Abe will be wearing his blues on the day so everything should come together really nicely.

When my mom was home back in January, we made a lot of shopping to trips to Hobby Lobby and Michael’s in search of the perfect floral decor for the both the ceremony and reception. We loved these spring bouquets that we found. We didn’t end up buying the ones above, but we did purchase the ones below and I added some navy blue and pink ribbon, and I will be wrapping the stems in pearls as well.

We also bought these floral bouquets that are already placed in a rustic looking pale. I bought rose gold spray paint, which we will be using to pain the pales of the bouquets to add some sparkle to our decor. We decided to use these in our ceremony along the aisle, next to some hurricane lamps and candles, and then using them again on the tables in our reception hall.

I really like the idea of having palm leaves instead of the normal bubbles, confetti, or rice on our exit from the ceremony. I am still on the hunt, so if you all know where I could find these or something similar feel free to let me know in the comments below!

This was my main inspiration when figuring out exactly what we wanted to do with our tables for the reception. We have bought a bunch of garland that will be run down the middle of the tables, and on either sides we will be adding different sizes of mason jars such as the ones above, with tea lights as well. This is probably my favorite part of the decor that we have bought so far.

This is the backdrop that we decided on for the reception for people to take photos throughout the night. Instead of creating boards though, I decided to go with blush colored tulle that we will be hanging along with the garland flowing from the top. I also plan on getting some balloons and props for this as well. I want it to be a fun spot for everyone!

I love this idea of a sparkler send off because we were engaged on July 4th of last year, which makes it ver sentimental for the day of our wedding. Depending on our venue, I would love to have this as our send off. What do y’all think of using sparklers?

As far as the bridal shower, I want to go with something with a similar theme as our wedding day. So I love the idea of adding little bits of flowers here and there. I also plan on making it a little tropical and fun as well, since it will be in the summer, so lots of green, pink, and white for sure.

I also love the set up in the last picture, I plan to use this as inspiration for table decor for the bridal shower as well. Yay, so excited!

I’ll be sure to keep you all updated on everything wedding related (obvi!). I can’t wait for the day to come!

Questions for you: 

  1. If you aren’t married yet, what is your dream wedding? 
  2. Where did you on your honeymoon, or where would you like to go? 
  3. Do you prefer fall/winter weddings or spring/summer weddings and why?