Guys– can you believe it’s already August? Like really, where did the summer go? It seems like it was just Easter like a week ago, sheesh. Well with it being the beginning of August now, and school is just around the corner, you’ve probably noticed a lot of new trends coming for this fall. I for one am pretty excited because a lot of these trends are fashion pieces and colors I have loved for a while (yay–does that mean I’m FINALLY on trend?)

Since I haven’t really talked too much about my love of fashion just yet, I thought I would start with my favorite season (Fall, duh). There’s something about the crisp air, sweaters, and a coffee in hand that just makes me *swoon.* Which seems a bit ironic, because as I sit here writing the news is stating the high today will be a HOT 86 degrees…But for real–my entire family knows that I am the QUEEN of fall, especially when it comes to boots…I may have a problem.

So, without further ado, I’ve rounded up the top fall must-haves for this fall—let’s get started!

On a side note: All photos on this post are not my own, and have been linked to their respective sites. 

Floral Prints 

I love a good flower, especially a floral print. I’m that girl that in the winter will be wearing my favorite floral tee and getting weird looks (Yes, I know it’s normally a spring trend). But now I get to say I’m trendy! Right? Well, floral prints began popping up on every Fall ready-to-wear runway this year which has definitely spawned into a major trend for most fall lines this year. Especially in big-box stores, I’ve seen a lot of floral print tops and tees, dresses, and handbags. These prints will be sure to go with a number of these fall trends this year so have fun with it!

Warm & Playful Tones: Blush 

Now I know what you’re thinking, isn’t blush more of a spring tone? Yes. But–we have been seeing it pop up everywhere in fall lines. From jackets, to cozy cardigans, handbags, and even shoes, this hue brings a bit of softness to the darker tones that are more commonly associated with fall and winter fashion.

I personally love blush, as I think it creates a more feminine tone for any look. I like to pair blush pieces with more neutral tones such as white and cream. But I also love the look of it’s added touch to outfits with navy and olive green hues (Obviously, I chose those three colors for my wedding!). Honestly, this is a color that you could buy now and wear throughout fall, winter, and even spring.


Now, red is widely known as being a fall and winder tone already so it is fairly easy to pair with your favorite fall staple pieces. I love that it has been included in the most basic pieces this year. Don’t be afraid to be bold by wearing a red coat/jacket, or adding red accessories (handbags, shoes, etc.). It also pairs nicely with the neutrals of this season (whites, creams, blush, nudes).


This is probably one of my favorite trends, as I already own a lot of nude items in my closet already. This tone can be paired and matched with pretty much any of your favorite items. Whether you keep it very minimalistic in pairing with whites, blushes, and grays. Or even pairing it with the colder tones of the season (blues and maroons), you really can’t go wrong! I love using this tone especially in outerwear, cardigans, and booties.

Natural Grays 

Winter days, especially in Ohio, grey is normally the only color you see for months and months. It seems as though it has become a neutral staple tone for this fall, that pairs really well with blush, whites and creams, but also (again) with darker tones for the fall season. I love wearing those tone in a cardigan, or in my tops, especially with darker pants which makes it pop just a little more.


Now like I said before, I LOVE boots. It’s probably my favorite part of fall fashion, because I get to break out all the boots I couldn’t wear over the summer. I love seeing the different types of boots going in and out each season, and yes I hold on to them for as long as I can. If you were watching the Nordstrom Anniversary sale, you would have seen a large number of bloggers showing off their fave pair of booties for the fall. There’s a TON of variations as well, which will allow you to have fun with each look that you may pair your booties with. I love going with more natural colored boots (so more of the brown and grays) but I do love a good pair of black over-the-knee boots as well (very Carrie Bradshaw, am I right?)

Oversized/longer cardigans 

Ladies, I love a good cardigan, and always have. I think they add just that bit of warmth and cute fall layers to any look. Yes, I’m guilty of trying to wear cardigans even when it’s 90 degrees outside, just because I like the look of the ones I have…don’t judge me! For all my girls who love a good, comfy cardigan as well-get excited! Long, oversized cardigans have shown to be a true staple for any fall wardrobe this year (I mean did everyone see the cardigans popping up EVERYWHERE during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale?) Don’t be afraid to go dark and go light with these staples so that you can mix and match throughout the season.

Bell Sleeves 

Bell sleeves became more popular again this spring, and they have continued to be used throughout the summer trends and now being introduced in many Fall lines. This simple sleeve adds a touch of class to any outfit whether we’re talking about a sweater, dresses, or a more dressy top. Although, I would make sure that when purchasing a top with bell sleeves, to make sure that it does not go past the length of your wrist (or make sure to get it tailored). Nothing is worse than trying to eat with sleeves that go past your wrist! 😉

Athleisure: Combining trendy with comfy!

So this might be my favorite trend this year, because let’s be honest, who DOESN’T like to wear their most comfy pieces everyday? There are a lot of items that have been popping up in major fall lines, and even the many sales that we have seen this summer already. Joggers have become a staple athleisure look, where you could pair your comfiest joggers with a cute tee, or even a blazer, or cute top and accessory pieces for a more dressed up look. There have also been a lot of style bloggers posting on Insta, pairing their favorite pajama top with a pair of jeans or leggings as well. I think I could get on board with this trend for the season. (Hello, comfy pants).

Questions for you: 

  1. What are your favorite fall staple items? 
  2. What do you think of the “athleisure” trend? 
  3. What’s your favorite season and why? 

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