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Hi everyone!

Boy, it feels so good to be back home and blogging again. How’ve you all been? What’s been going on? 🙂 I will say, I loved my time with my family on the islands, but I am so happy to be back at home with my little family. Who else misses their dog a lot when they leave home for an extended period of time? This was the first time I had left Oliver for more than a week on his own, mommy loves you I promise, Oliver! So getting back to the productiveness, I don’t know about you all, but we completely missed the “spring cleaning” this year…oops. So, instead we went through our ENTIRE place for some Summer Cleaning! I can’t believe the amount of stuff that we all accumulate just over the course of a year, or in our case, 4 months. Literally, we had 6 bags of trash after we were through—Wow. But at least we are more organized! There was also a lot of Oliver time for this mama. Like I said, I missed my baby! So anytime he wanted to cuddle, we cuddled. That was it. Except for when I was trying to work on some blog posts and editing photos, and of course he wanted to lay on my lap…I mean how can you even say no to that face? I know I can’t. 🙁 While I was cleaning the house, he decided to lay on the nicely cleaned and made bed, of course. (I’m assuming this is what it’s like to have kids!) Although, he did look adorable, so I decided to turn it into a photoshoot (for my advantage of course lol). Luckily for me, Oliver is a pretty chill dog, and will just about do anything that you would ask him to. We got so lucky!

The week that I got back, was Abe’s birthday…27! He’s so old…I’m just kidding babe! We head out to let him pick his present, and ended up at our local Meijer for him to pick out the best cookies n’ cream ice cream cake EVER. I would like to think that he had a good birthday 🙂

Because it was his “birthday week” we made some awesome recipes, which we love to make when we are both home. The first is a “grill pocket” as we call them. All we do is cut up about 2-3 small potatoes, red pepper, green pepper, and orange pepper, along with some carrots, sliced tomatoes, and salt and pepper. We cook these for an hour at 425 degrees. You’ll want to take a piece of foil and spray it with non-stick cooking spray before piling in all the ingredients. Abe also loves to add cayenne pepper as well as chili powder to add some spice to it. After you’ve got all that, drizzle a little vegetable oil on top and wrap it up– you’re good to go! Seriously one of our go-to’s every week because it’s so easy and so good. 🙂

We also decided to make some chicken and rice fajitas, so we put together some white rice, chicken, red, hello, and green peppers and cooked them on the stovetop before adding them to the tortillas (we got the small size). Yum!

If you’ve read my last post, you know that I’ve been dealing with some pretty bad stomach issues. We had looked online to see what other drinks we could make that may help. We found out that lemon, lime and mint in water could help with gastrointestinal issues so we decided to give it a try. Abe approves and says it’s delicious!

We ended the week with some coconut face masks! Guys these were only $2.50 each at Target, and I’m obsessed. My sister actually got me into them, as we tried one when I was down on the island. Abe tried one too, but would not let me post any pictures, so here’s some snapchats for now..

And of course, from when Savannah and I had a spa night. Miss you–come back to me!

Working on some more exciting things here on the blog! Let me know what else you’d like to see 🙂

Questions for you: 

What is our favorite meal for your birthday? 

Have you ever tried face masks at home? What’s your favorite you’ve tried so far? 


  • Georgia Hobbs

    I’m a big pizza fan! I don’t have it as often anymore but I love it as a treat, and I’m forever using face masks in the bath! I love L’Oréal clay masks, but I have to be careful which ones I use as I can have reactions! Great post

    Georgia x

    Reply to Georgia Hobbs
    • Tiffany Jordan

      I have the same problem! My fave loves to break out or get red from certain masks. I’ll definitely have to try out the L’Oreal masks though! Thanks for stopping by, Georgia! ❤️

      Reply to Tiffany Jordan
  • Mamaili

    Lovely post! Such a breath of fresh air. Definitely going to try the chicken and rice fajitas. My favourite mask is the charcoal mask by Young Solutions. It’s a South African product.

    Reply to Mamaili
    • Tiffany Jordan

      Thank you so much! I will definitely have to look those up, I’ve been wanting to try a charcoal mask, there’s just so many on the market now! Thank you for the tip! ☺️

      Reply to Tiffany Jordan

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